The Wings of Ecstasy  frontispiece by Yoko Hanabusa

Yoko Hanabusa Authorised Fan Club was originally established in 2010. Japanese fans of Hanabusa-sensei asked her for permission to set up a fan club, and Hanabusa-sensei kindly gave them the authentic, official permission. The Japanese-language website of the YHAFC became soon  widely recognised to be an official fan site of Hanabusa-sensei and Lady Lynn. More than thirty people have joined the fan club so far, and visitors to the site come from all over the world.

As the number of site visitors coming from abroad were increasing day by day, the co-webmaster of the YHAFC site decided to set up an English-language version of the site, a  website having totally new contents. While visiting Hanabusa-sensei’s circle booth at the Comic Market held in Tokyo on December 29th, 2015, he had conversations about it with her, and Hanabusa-sensei agreed to let him establish another authorised fan club, this time, for all over the world, literally.