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Documents from Latest News

January 2016

  • Last year on November 28th & 29th, Hanabusa-sensei was invited to Japan Touch in Lyon, France, and she met fans who used to like wathcing the anime series Gwendoline, the French version of Lady Lady!! And good news! Gwendoline volume one has been published by Isan Manga in France, and this is a hardcover luxury edition with a lovely cover illustration of Lynn and Sarah. Thank you, Isan Manga!
  • Big Sight

    The Comic Market at Tokyo Big Sight

    Last year on December 29th, Hanabusa-sensei joined the Comic Market, which was held between December 29th and 31st at Tokyo Big Sight in Japan, and she opened a shop (Dôjinshi Circle Booth) and greeted many fans of hers. Although she was very apologetic because she could not finish drawing the final installment of her self-published dôjinshi Lynn’s Children & Peter Pan series and bring it to her booth, her fans were so delighted to meet and talk to her.

  • The exhibition of votive picture tablets (ema in Japanese) by celebrities was held from January 1st to 7th at Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine in Kanagawa, Japan, and Hanabusa-sensei’s tablet of “Rin-chan holding a bunch of flowers” was displayed at the charity exhibition.
  • A video clip of interviewing Hanabusa-sensei and Harumo Sanazaki-sensei at Japan Touch in France has been uploaded to YouTube. Just search for “Yoko Hanabusa” on YouTube and have a look!

March 2016

  • photo-28a-web

    First three books of Lynn’s Children & Peter Pan

    The final book in Hanabusa-sensei’s self-published dojinshi Lynn’s Children & Peter Pan series will be sold at her circle booth of the Comic Market which will be held in Tokyo this summer. Hanabusa-sensei says,“ I have done 90% of it. Only the front cover remains to be done.” We will inform you of the exact day and place on the Comic Market as soon as we get the detail about the event.

April 2016

  • photo-30-webWhile the final book of Lynn’s Children & Peter Pan is possibly going to be published this summer, fans of Hanabusa-sensei’s are also hoping that someday she will publish a mini book of some particular illustrations that she drew before Lady Lynn. Some mini books of  Lady Lynn illustrations such as Lady!! Petit (photo) have already been self-published by Hanabusa-sensei, and are being sold at the Comic Market. Manuscripts of other illustrations, most of which appeared in the Hitomi magazine, seem to exist, according to Hanabusa-sensei, and one of the fans asked for her consideration to publish the mini book which contained illustrations of the Hitomi comic stories such as Kirameki Green Age.  Although this kind of fan’s request must be difficult to be accepted, Hanabusa-sensei kindly told us that she would try to search for those illustrations in her own residence.
  • photo-46-webOn April 9th the Cherry Blossom Viewing Party was held by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden in Tokyo. Hanabusa-sensei and her mangaka friend Harumo Sanazaki-sensei  (shown right) were invited to this honorable party which many celebrities from the worlds of politics, culture, music, film, sports, and so on attended. Hanabusa-sensei enjoyed seeing (and having a chat! with) famous Japanese TV personalities such as Ai Haruna.

July 2016

  • photo-58-webHanabusa-sensei was invited to Japan Expo that was held in Paris, France, for four days from July 7th this year. She almost regularly participates in this largest convention of Japanese popular culture in Europe. This time, Lady!! Exhibit was organised by isan manga (her French publisher) and Japan Expo, and many visitors enjoyed appreciating the exhibition panels which showed attractive pictures of Hanabusa-sensei’s well-known manga characters such as Gwendoline (Lynn) and Annie (Sarah). For more photographs, see Yoko Hanabusa Interview on Japan Expo.

August 2016

  • Hanabusa-sensei’s circle Lynn’s Marble Mansion will attend the Comic Market held at Tokyo Big Sight on August 14th. Her circle booth is to be placed at “西か26b (WEST KA 26b)” in this convention centre. Dôjinshi books such as Lynn’s Children & Peter Pan will be sold at the booth, where fans are able to meet Hanabusa-sensei.

November 2016

  • Hanabusa-sensei’s Annie and the Prince, written by Elizabeth Harbison, appears in the December Issue of Harlequin Original, published by HarperCollins Japan on November 11th, 2016. The author’s romance manga stories usually appear in Harmony Romance, so it must be a rare occasion.

December 2016

  • Comic Market 91 will be held for three days from December 29th at Tokyo Big Sight in Japan, and Hanabusa-sensei’s circle Lynn’s Marble Mansion will attend this world’s largest dôjinshi (fanzines / self-published manga) fair on Friday the 30th of December. Her circle booth is to be placed at “西り14b (WEST RI 14b)” in this convention centre.

January 2017

  • An e-book edition of Premier Muguet, written by Kyoko Mizuki (Candy Candy‘s author), was released on January 20th, 2017 in Japan. Premier Muguet is the first serialised manga Hanabusa-sensei has ever drawn.

Documents from Comic Book of the Month

photo-33-webMarch 2016 ∼Premier Muguet, vol. 1∼
Premier Muguet volume 1 is the first comic book that Hanabusa-sensei ever published. Written by Kyoko Mizuki, who is well known for being the author of Candy Candy, Premier Muguet was also Hanabusa-sensei’s first serialised manga that started from October 1979 in Hitomi. Although its character products are rarely seen, there is an attractive wall clock of this manga. This Japanese-language comic book was published by Akita Shoten in 1980.

photo-34b-webApril 2016 ∼Lady Lynn!, vol. 1∼
Lady Lynn! volume 1 is a much-awaited comic book as the sequel to Lady!! In addition to Sarah, Arthur, and Edward, you can find new characters in this comic story, some of whom make things difficult for Lynn who is aiming to become a member of the Olympic equestrian team. Lady Lynn! was serialised in the Roma x Puri magazine, and the comic book was published by Shodensha in 2009.

photo-42-webMay 2016 ∼Heart ni Aozora Yohô∼
Heart ni Aozora Yohô (Blue Sky Forecast in the Heart) is a comic book that was published in 1982 by Akita Shoten. It is a love story of Hikari Miharu, a motherless young girl who lives with her father and three elder brothers. The manga was serialised between the August and October 1982 Issues of the Monthly Hitomi magazine, and the comic book also includes two other mangas, Shiawase Harmony and Flower Fiancee.

photo-45-webJune 2016 ∼The Incredible Honeymoon∼
Hanabusa-sensei has published many romance comics, especially the ones based on stories by Barbara Cartland. The Incredible Honeymoon is one of them in which Hanabusa-sensei depicts Victorian love romance elegantly and intriguingly. The manga story appeared in the May 2015 Issue of the Harmony Romance magazine and the comic book was published by Ohzora Publishing on June 1st, 2016.

photo-51-webJuly 2016 ∼Lucifer and the Angel∼
Lucifer and the Angel is another good example based on the romance novel by Barbara Cartland. In this comic book Hanabusa-sensei beautifully draws a plenty of equestrian scenes which she used to draw throughout the serialization of her masterpiece Lady!!  The manga story of Lucifer and the Angel appeared in the October 2012 Issue of the Harmony Romance magazine and the comic book was published by Ohzora Publishing on September 11th, 2013.

photo-61-webAugust 2016 ∼A Wild Affair∼
Hanabusa-sensei is now well-known as a prolific romance manga artist. A Wild Affair is the first romance manga that she ever published. The novel was written by Charlotte Lamb, and before drawing its manga work, Hanabusa-sensei visited England in which the story is set, in order to create a precise description for the manga. This comic book was published by Ohzora Publishing in 1998 and its English version (entitled Idol Dreams) by Dark Horse Comics in 2006. There is also an English-language digital version of the comic book.

photo-64-webSeptember 2016 ∼Kurayami no Yubiwa∼
Kurayami no Yubiwa (A Ring in the Darkness) is a comic book of mystery manga to which Hanabusa-sensei challenged herself as a new genre to draw. The book consists of three mysterious comic stories namely Crystal Labyrinth, Peacock and Tiger Eye, and Kurayami no Yubiwa, all of which appeared in the Fushigi Mystery magazine. In the last part of the comic book, Hanabusa-sensei added her short report about fortune-telling, entitled Yoko’s Fushigi Mystery. The comic book was published in 1992 by Akita Shoten.

photo-67-webOctober 2016 ∼Lynn’s Children & Peter Pan∼
Lynn’s Children & Peter Pan, the omnibus edition of volumes 1, 2, and 3, is Hanabusa-sensei’s self-published book that is being sold at manga events such as Comic Market in Tokyo. Six years after Lynn and Edward get married, their children come to know that Peter Pan is lost, and they begin to search for him, going all the way to an eastern country: Japan. The book also contains introduction pages of Lady!! characters and its selected scenes.

photo-70-webNovember 2016 ∼Vision in White∼
So far Vision in White, written by Nora Roberts, has been Hanabusa-sensei’s latest Japanese comic book. As a prolific romance manga artist, Hanabusa-sensei depicts this first story of the Bride Quartet series so professionally and respectfully that some Japanese fans of Nora Roberts show their gratitude towards the mangaka. Vision in White was published by Ohzora Publishing on October 1st, 2016.

photo-80-webDecember 2016 ∼Kenzan! Oedo Hana Kanzashi∼
Kenzan! Oedo Hana Kanzashi (Here She Is! Oedo Hana’s Ornamental Hairpin) is Hanabusa-sensei’s self-published dôjinshi issued in 1999. This samurai manga was originally serialised in Kodansha’s shôjo manga magazine RunRun in 1995-96, and, to our great disappointment,  was not published in book form. The dôjinshi includes some introductory pages of Japanese history about the Edo period (1603-1868). 

photo-86-webJanuary 2017 ∼Gwendoline, vol. 1∼
Gwendoline is the French version of Hanabusa-sensei’s masterpiece Lady!! The volume 1 of the book (shown left) was published on December 1st, 2015 by isan manga, and it consists of Lady!! volumes 1 and 2. The author very much admires the book and she mentioned about it as ‘a luxurious book’ in her New Year’s card of 2016.

photo-88-webFebruary 2017 ∼Scarlet Squall from The Scarlet Pimpernel∼
Scarlet Squall∼from The Scarlet Pimpernel∼ is Hanabusa-sensei’s historical romance manga that is based on Baroness Orczy’s novel published in 1905. Scarlet Squall was originally self-published around 2000 as a 4-volume dôjinshi. The manga publicly first appeared in the magazine of Harmony Romance Yoko Hanabusa Selection Classic in 2014, and its comic book was published in 2015 by Ohzora Publishing.

Documents from TOP STORY

May 1st, 2016
Lady!! 30th Anniversary
photo-25-webThis year, 2016, marks the 30th anniversary of Hanabusa-sensei’s masterpiece Lady!!  Thirty years ago, the manga first appeared in the October 1986 Issue of the Hitomi magazine. Influenced by the personality of Diana, Princess of Wales, and the theme of historical romance created by Kyoko Mizuki who is the author of Candy Candy, Hanabusa-sensei began to draw the serialised story of Lynn Russell in Hitomi.  The manga soon became popular among many readers and was turned into two animated series by Toei Animation. Hanabusa-sensei said, “Ten years after Candy Candy, nobody drew historical romance mangas like I did. I was pleased that Hitomi readers accepted Lady!! In those days school life, or, ordinary life if you like, was the most popular theme for shôjo manga magazines and that is why Lynn the heroine, who is half Japanese and half English, lived in Japan in the first episode so that young Japanese girl readers could understand the situation.”  As a much-admired shôjo manga, new editions of Lady!! are still being published in some countries.

June 4th, 2016
photo-41-webThe Author’s Praised Book: Gwendoline
Since last year, the new edition of Lady!! has been being published in France. The author Yoko Hanabusa has passionately praised its French version entitled Gwendoline, saying, “It’s a luxurious, beautiful book…it’s just like a book that you find in the field of classic literature…you can put it on your bookshelf and keep it for a long time, reading the book anytime you like.” Gwendoline volume 3 is due to be published this summer by Isan Manga. Meanwhile, Hanabusa-sensei has been invited to Japan Expo in Paris that is held in July this year. For the event a special ticket, namely Zen+ Gwendoline, was issued. Unfortunately the ticket seems to have already been sold out(!), but there must be a chance to see Hanabusa-sensei at Japan Expo. She is very much looking forward to meeting fans in France.

July 20th, 2016
Yoko Hanabusa Interview on Japan Expo

photo-48-webWe interviewed Hanabusa-sensei in Japan on July 17th, a few days after she came back from France where Japan Expo was held. She kindly showed us many wonderful photographs of this event, one of which is a lovely photograph (shown right) of Hanabusa-sensei (right) and her close mangaka friend Harumo Sanazaki-sensei in front of a gigantic illustration wall of Gwendoline with isan manga’s charming title logo for the comic book.   It is the wall of Lady!! Exhibit which was organised by isan manga and Japan Expo as a celebration for the 30th anniversary of Lady!! (Gwendoline). One of Japanese fans told us that she really wanted an exhibit like this to be held in Japan, too. Here is our interview with Hanabusa-sensei:

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to interview you, Hanabusa-sensei. Please tell us about your remembrance on Japan Expo 2016 you participated in.

People in France were so kind. I was very pleased that many fans came to see me during my signings. Some of the fans were, to my great astonishment, named Gwendoline after the heroine’s name of the animated series Gwendoline that is based on my manga.

During the four-day participation in Japan Expo, it must have been busy days for you. How were they?

They were very rewarding. Especially I enjoyed meeting people at masterclasses on manga… people who wanted to learn technical skills in drawing. They were really good at drawing! Every time I visit France, their skills of manga drawing are getting better and better, which is quite amazing. A large number of people came to Japan Expo…I feel excited that the number of people who like Japanese manga, anime, and culture, is increasing!

This time Japan Expo issued a special ticket called Zen+ Gwendoline. How was the meeting with those ticket holders?

I had a lovely meeting with them in a room, talking about manga over sweets(!) and taking photos together. I signned my name on Gwendoline books for fans…my name and the fan’s name too. Some fans had the same name as my manga’s heroine Gwendoline! I was astonished and delighted, too. I was also pleased that a fan, whom I met in Lyon last year, came to see me again.

Are you going to participate in Japan Expo next year if you are invited again?

Yes. I have my manga books, luxurious books to my great pleasure, being published in France, and feel very happy imagining people who find them at bookshops, saying “This must be the book of the Gwendoline anime I used to watch as a child!” If those people or my publisher want me to come, I am very glad to.


August 23rd, 2016
Yoko Hanabusa Attends Comic Market 90
photo-53-webThis summer in Japan, Comic Market 90 was held for three days from August 12th and about 600,000 people gathered in this largest manga/dôjinshi event in the world. The Comic Market is held twice a year at Tokyo Big Sight and Hanabusa-sensei attends this event every time. In the event amateur manga artists as well as professionals like Hanabusa-sensei can sell not only their manga dôjinshi books but also novels, photo books, posters, and postcards of their original/anime-related characters. Hanabusa-sensei’s circle Lynn’s Marble Mansion displayed the dôjinshi books of Lynn’s Children & Peter Pan (above right) including its final volume (below, front and back covers) at her circle booth and many fans came to purchase them. As this year 2016 was the 30th anniversary of her masterpiece Lady!!, they also congratulated the author on the occasion. The idea of Lynn’s Children & Peter Pan came from two famous people: Kazuo Yokoyama Lynn 1and Harumo Sanazaki. Kazuo Yokoyama, the animation producer of Lady Lady!! and Hello! Lady Lynn, told Hanabusa-sensei to create a Peter Pan story for her manga and Sanazaki-sensei, a popular romance-manga artist, suggested that Hanabusa-sensei should combine the character of Lynn Russell and the story of Peter Pan. Thus, Lynn’s new story was created and the author took seventeen years to complete the series of the self-published manga work.

October 22nd, 2016
YHFC Twitter: Best Place for Live Stories & Information
photo-65a-webWe are now tweeting various things about Hanabusa-sensei and her manga works including animes based on her well-known manga Lady!! On our Twitter Yoko Hanabusa FC you can find the latest news about Hanabusa-sensei, fanart drawings and illustrations which are drawn by fans including Himawari-san who is the webmaster of Lady Rin’s Small Room and…me sometimes, and, literally, anything about the mangaka Yoko Hanabusa and her many comic books which have been being published since she debuted in 1978. Whenever we get news about Hanabusa-sensei’s manga works, we will tweet! So, we hope you will visit and enjoy our tweets! (Please click the Twitter blue bird just above the article of TOP STORY in the top page.)
Sushi T. Sumo

November 6th, 2016
Yoko Hanabusa: Approved Romance Manga Artist
photo-68ab-webYoko Hanabusa is now well-known as a prolific, popular manga artist of Josei (women) manga that is based on world-famous romance novels. Most of her romance manga works appear in the monthly magazine of Harmony Romance published by Ohzora Publishing. This month Harmony Romance Barbara Cartland Special was published and Hanabusa-sensei’s Look, Listen and Love, written by Barbara Cartland, appeared in it. In fact Hanabusa-sensei has been publishing many manga stories especially written by this celebrated English author (shown right: all these comic-book stories are based on her novels) and this is because the descendant of Barbara Cartland approved of Yoko Hanabusa for the novelist’s favourable manga artist. Hanabusa-sensei is so pleased with a letter which the novelist’s office sent to her. By reading her manga stories, it is easily understood that she shows her love for drawing 19th-century Victorian romance stories that Barbara Cartland wrote.

December 25th, 2016
Lynn’s Children & Peter Pan : How It All Began
photo-75a-webBefore Yoko Hanabusa’s long-awaited manga Lady Lynn!, the sequel to Lady!!, was serialised in Shodensha’s periodical Roma×Puri, the author had been self-publishing a series of Lynn’s children’s story entitled Lynn’s Children & Peter Pan. The birth of the story comes from occasional conversations between two manga artists and one animation producer: Yoko Hanabusa(Lady!!); Harumo Sanazaki(Angel Wars) ; Kazuo Yokoyama who produced many animes including Lady Lady!! and Hello! Lady Lynn. Mr Yokoyama suggested that Yoko Hanabusa should draw something like J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan. The conversations they had was a start for her long self-publication of the story about Lynn’s children.children.
Lynn’s Children & Peter Pan consists of a total of 11 volumes. As Hanabusa-sensei was (and still is) leading a busy life, working on Josei (women) manga for the Harmony Romance magazine, she often had no time for drawing Lynn’s children’s story. In fact it took her seventeen years to complete the story. In the final volume she says, “Oh, dear! A seventeen-year-long journey! (Because the story is about a trip from England to Japan during the summer holiday.) Just like Urashima Tarô, who has been to Ryugu-jo Palace!!” The first volume of Lynn’s Children & Peter Pan is now an omnibus edition of a collection of volume 1, 2, and 3, that was self-published on August 10th, 2002. The manga is, according to the author,  a parallel universe story and so is not actually a sequel to Lady!! and its two anime series (Lady Lady!! and Hello! Lady Lynn). In the world of Lynn’s Children & Peter Pan, the story goes like this:
photo-72-webWhile Lynn Russell and Edward Brighton are in love with each other, Lynn seems to have lost her childhood mind. She comes to know it when a mysterious traveller, who can see children’s mind disappearing in the world of adults, tells her about forgotten fairies. Six years after Lynn and Edward get married, their twin children Diana and George happen to hear the fairies crying over the fact that Peter Pan is nowhere to be photo-71a-webfound. While sleeping in the bed, the twins are asked by the fairies to search for the lost boy. They give the twin children a clue that Peter may be in the Far East. And so, Diana and George decide to go to their mother’s country: Japan. For this story, an audio drama CD entitled Search for Peter Pan ∼Lynn’s Fairy Tale Theatre∼ was also produced in 2002. Kumiko Nishihara, the original voice actress who provided the voice of Lynn Russell in Toei Animation’s Hello! Lady Lynn, also voiced Lynn as the twins’ mother in the drama.

January 9th, 2017
Possibility of the Story of Lady Lynn!

t-43-webYoko Hanabusa attended Comic Market 91 which was held at Tokyo Big Sight in Japan on December 30th, 2016. Although she was very apologetic for not having been able to self-publish new dôjinshi books, many fans were coming to see her with great pleasure. Her lovely dôjinshi books of the Lynn’s Children & Peter Pan series were displayed on the table of her circle, and while admirimg them, we asked her about Lady Lynn‘s ending. She replied to us with a kind smile, “I had better not tell about the ending of the story. I hope you will wait and look forward to the possibility of the return of Lady Lynn! You see, Lynn’s Children & Peter Pan, in which Lynn is married to Edward, is a parallel universe story. So, there might be other developments for Lady Lynn‘s story.”


Lady Lynn! volume 1 & 2 (Shodensha)

That means Lynn is going to get married not to Edward but to someone else? It seems unlikely…but nobody knows about their future (except for the author, of course). Hanabusa-sensei also talked to us about her recent days, “I have been working on a manga for the Harmony Romance magazine…and lately I have been playing Pokemon Go, too! You see, I have caught Santa Pikachu!” She smiled a lovely smile when she said so. Lady Lynn! was serialised in the Roma×Puri (Romantic Princess) magazine in 2008-9, and its story was stopped halfway through when the magazine was discontinued. Hanabusa-sensei told us about the reason, “It’s about these days’ publishing problems. Books and magazines, especially paper-printed ones, are disappearing due to poor sales. Roma×Puri was one of them, I am afraid.” We thanked Hanabusa-sensei for the wonderful conversations we had, and told her that we wished the magazine and Lady Lynn! would return someday hopefully in the near future.