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Name Country Message
Sushi T. Sumo Japan Hi! I am happy to announce Hanabusa-sensei’s fan club website of the English language has been completed. Hanabusa-sensei’s works are very charming…I hope many people will read them.
Precious Philippines HAJIMEMASHITE!
I just had a trip my trip to Japan. I bought the Roma x Puri editon of Lady Lynn! I am just sad that they discontinued it. 😥😩
Rana hello
I am so happy to find this fan club!!
I am huge fan for yoko hanabusa sensei’s Lady!! T-T
I have always been since my childhood thank you so mush for establish this site
finally I can know the latest news about the mangka yoko hanabusa …many Thanks
Esmin United Kingdom Hi,

Ooh wow, this is my childhood favorite anime I am extremely happy to find this website well done ^o^, I really want to get the manga to read it on the christmas break does anyone know where to find them, please??

Eisa Ahmed Qatar I am a big fan of Lady Lady since childhood, and i have all books and stufff of here.
However , can you please tell how to buy the series for the bothe seasons in japanes language because i have it in Arabic language and not clear.
Also, Please how cdn i get “Lady Lady Pop-Up Picture Book”
Because first time i see this book.

Thank you very much…….