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January 9th, 2017
Possibility of the Story of Lady Lynn!
t-43-webYoko Hanabusa attended Comic Market 91 which was held at Tokyo Big Sight in Japan on December 30th, 2016. Although she was very apologetic for not having been able to self-publish new dôjinshi books, many fans were coming to see her with great pleasure. Her lovely dôjinshi books of the Lynn’s Children & Peter Pan series were displayed on the table of her circle, and while admirimg them, we asked her about Lady Lynn‘s ending. She replied to us with a kind smile, “I had better not tell about the ending of the story. I hope you will wait and look forward to the possibility of the return of Lady Lynn! You see, Lynn’s Children & Peter Pan, in which Lynn is married to Edward, is a parallel universe story. So, there might be other developments for Lady Lynn‘s story.”


Lady Lynn! volume 1 & 2 (Shodensha)

That means Lynn is going to get married not to Edward but to someone else? It seems unlikely…but nobody knows about their future (except for the author, of course). Hanabusa-sensei also talked to us about her recent days, “I have been working on a manga for the Harmony Romance magazine…and lately I have been playing Pokemon Go, too! You see, I have caught Santa Pikachu!” She smiled a lovely smile when she said so. Lady Lynn! was serialised in the Roma×Puri (Romantic Princess) magazine in 2008-9, and its story was stopped halfway through when the magazine was discontinued. Hanabusa-sensei told us about the reason, “It’s about these days’ publishing problems. Books and magazines, especially paper-printed ones, are disappearing due to poor sales. Roma×Puri was one of them, I am afraid.” We thanked Hanabusa-sensei for the wonderful conversations we had, and told her that we wished the magazine and Lady Lynn! would return someday hopefully in the near future.

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Lynn 2aHanabusa-sensei has been a prolific manga artist since she debuted in 1978 with “Koi wa Happy Snow ni Notte” in an extra issue of the monthly Hitomi magazine. She is well known for her shôjo manga Lady!!, which was serialised from 1986 to 1991 in the Hitomi magazine and adapted into two anime series, Lady Lady!! and Hello! Lady Lynn, and one film version of Lady Lady!!

As a prominent, popular mangaka of shôjo manga, Hanabusa-sensei took on the challenge of a new genre: mystery and horror mangas, in which her works constantly appeared in periodicals like Monthly Horror M. Afterwards she began to work on another new genre, that is romance comics for young women, a manga adaptation of romance novels from all over the world. And then, with much anticipation, Lady Lynn!, the sequel to Lady!!, finally appeared serially in the Roma x Puri (Romantic Princess) magazine, of which the publication was sadly discontinued.

Currently, attending manga exhibition events abroad such as Japan Expo and Japan Touch in France from time to time, Hanabusa-sensei is continuing to publish romance comics, most of which appear in the Harmony Romance magazine.

Yoko Hanabusa greets fans at the tea party of her debut 30th anniversary as a manga artist on May 3rd, 2009 (Tokyo)

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An e-book edition of Premier Muguet, written by Kyoko Mizuki (Candy Candy‘s author), was released on January 20th, 2017 in Japan. Premier Muguet is the first serialised manga Hanabusa-sensei has ever drawn.

Hanabusa-sensei’s ema (votive picture tablet) was displayed at Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine in Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan during the first week of January, 2017. The tablet shows a lovely picture of Little Lynn with pink ribbons.photo-84a-web

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photo-85-webScarlet Squall ∼from The Scarlet Pimpernel∼

Scarlet Squall∼from The Scarlet Pimpernel∼ is Hanabusa-sensei’s historical romance manga that is based on Baroness Orczy’s novel published in 1905. Scarlet Squall was originally self-published around 2000 as a 4-volume dôjinshi. The manga publicly first appeared in the magazine of Harmony Romance Yoko Hanabusa Selection Classic in 2014, and its comic book was published in 2015 by Ohzora Publishing.

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photo-82-webLynn’s Children & Peter Pan volume 9.5

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