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May 5th, 2017
Lady!! Characters’s Name Origins & Birthdays
photo-104-webThe story of Yoko Hanabusa’s manga Lady!! is set mostly in the UK and Japan. Therefore, names of its characters must have the origin of those two countries. The author told us about the English side of the names such as Sarah, Arthur, Mary, and so on. As a university student, Yoko Hanabusa’s most favourite theme for study was of the civilization of Ancient Egypt, but her university only held two courses that were about the Elizabethan Era and the Italian Renaissance. She chose the former for her course and wrote a graduation thesis on the English sea captain Francis Drake. Thus, she became interested in British historical events, and actually the character names of Lady!! come from people in them, except for the Japanese character names including the heroine’s first name.

Hanabusa-sensei says in an interview recorded in October 2012, “Lynn (Rin) looks cute, you see, so it’s like …the name simply comes from the bell’s pretty sounds of ring, ring! As for Sarah…oh, I don’t exactly remember…Arthur’s name comes from the British legend King Arthur…oh, about Sarah…her name probably comes from a British royal family member. Well, I took character names from some people famed in British historical events, so Mary and Thomas must have been taken from them, too.”photo-105-webLady!! characters’s birthdays are also interesting. Her dôjinshi Lynn’s Children & Peter Pan vol.2 has a page about birthdays of the main characters. According to it, Lynn was born on July 10th, Sarah on May 3rd, Arthur on March 22nd, and Edward on July 29th. When Hanabusa-sensei had a first meeting with Toei Animation before producing the anime of Lady Lady!!, they asked her about the heroine’s birthday. At that time there were no birthdays set for the characters of Lady!!, so the very date when the mangaka and the anime producers held the first meeting became Lynn Russell’s birthday, that was July 10th.

Photographs: Shikishi card gifts (Lynn and Sarah), drawn by Yoko Hanabusa

3Lady lady in our hearts
Hello everyone,
Most of us love the old anime lady lady and how much we longed for the Japanese release on DVDs or bluray.
Since the beginning lady lady was never released on DVDs. We want to show Toei studio that there are many fans out there who still love lady and would like to watch it in Japanese.
I need your help please spread this topic and tag it as #ladyladyinourhearts in all social networks. So that our voice can be heard.

I really appreciate every single contribution to this matter from the bottom of my heart.

from Negaistar’s Blog

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Lynn 2aHanabusa-sensei has been a prolific manga artist since she debuted in 1978 with “Koi wa Happy Snow ni Notte” in an extra issue of the monthly Hitomi magazine. She is well known for her shôjo manga Lady!!, which was serialised from 1986 to 1991 in the Hitomi magazine and adapted into two anime series, Lady Lady!! and Hello! Lady Lynn, and one film version of Lady Lady!!

As a prominent, popular mangaka of shôjo manga, Hanabusa-sensei took on the challenge of a new genre: mystery and horror mangas, in which her works constantly appeared in periodicals like Monthly Horror M. Afterwards she began to work on another new genre, that is romance comics for young women, a manga adaptation of romance novels from all over the world. And then, with much anticipation, Lady Lynn!, the sequel to Lady!!, finally appeared serially in the Roma x Puri (Romantic Princess) magazine, of which the publication was sadly discontinued.

Currently, attending manga exhibition events abroad such as Japan Expo and Japan Touch in France from time to time, Hanabusa-sensei is continuing to publish romance comics, most of which appear in the Harmony Romance magazine.


Yoko Hanabusa greets fans at the tea party of her debut 30th anniversary as a manga artist on May 3rd, 2009 (Tokyo)

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Lady Lady fans are holding a campaign for the Japanese-language DVD release of Lady Lady!!, a Toei Dôga-produced anime based on Yoko Hanabusa’s manga Lady!!, which was first broadcast  in 1987 in Japan. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to negaistar for letting us post her blog content about the campaign.

Hanabusa-sensei’s ema (votive picture tablet) was displayed at Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine in Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan during the first week of January, 2017. The tablet shows a lovely picture of Little Lynn with pink ribbons.photo-84a-web

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photo-109-webLady!!, vol. 12

The 12th volume of Hanabusa-sensei’s masterpiece Lady!! is the final volume of the manga published by Akita Shoten in 1993. The story of this volume never appeared in the Hitomi magazine (in which Lady!! was being serialised), because the publication of this shôjo manga magazine was discontinued before the story ending.

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photo-106-webLady!! (pocket edition), vol. 4

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